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JKC Barsana Dr. Jyotsanamayee Das' Experience at JKC Mangarh

I, Dr. Jyostnamayee Das, am giving honorary services in this charitable hospital since 3 years. After completion of my B.H.M.S. course from Orissa, I got a Government job in a remote village of Orissa where I served for    2 1/2 yrs. But in that government job, I did not get any mental peace and satisfaction.

 But this is one of the great institutions where I serve the poor and needy people. Here I get a lot of satisfaction in my profession and also receive good co-operation from my patients.
    With homoeopathic medicines, in this hospital I have found better and earlier results in many hopeless and incurable cases.

A young lady of age 25 was suffering from pott’s paraplegia i.e. paraplegia and parasthesia of both lower limbs. She was unable to stand and walk and had involuntary urination. Digital X-Ray showed caries of dorsal spine level. After giving Calcarea Carb 50M, single dose, she improved within two months; she was able to walk with minimal support. Then after another one month she felt much relief, she could walk on her own and her involuntary urination had also stopped.

   Another case of lady age of 32 yrs was suffering from Fibro adenoma of left breast of size 2 ½” x 2” in left upper quadrant with severe pain. I gave her Conium 1M single dose, and that mass disappeared within one month.

 Another case of old man of age 55 yrs was suffering from Psoriasis since 18yrs. He had taken many Allopathic and Homoeopathic medicines before but could not get complete relief. After giving single class of Pulsatilla 200 he was cured tremendously within one month.

 I strongly believe that my spiritual Master has given me such power and courage to do this great job of curing the suffering humanity. I am very much grateful to my Master for this.